Better Fabrics For A Higher Standard

At LOVETRUST® we use only natural fibers. Not only can organic cotton and other natural fibers be produced more sustainably through regenerative agriculture, they simply feel better on the body and last longer so you can wear the garments for multiple seasons and years to come. Polyester and other poly-based fabrics are essentially just another form of plastic that is produced as a cheap alternative to better quality fabrics. Poly-based fabrics are made for mild use and break down after little wear, further supporting fast-fashion. This is just one more reason why we choose to use organic cotton and other natural fibers in our clothing. 


What Else?

LOVETRUST® was founded on the philosophy of better ethics. To maintain this foundation, we only use vegan materials. Until there are better practices in keeping livestock and we can ensure animals will not be harmed or killed in the harvesting of their fur or wool, we promise never to use leather, animal fleece or wool, fur or silk. The ethical treatment of animals is a constant struggle within the fashion industry, and we are among those brands standing against inhumane practices.


The Details

Our GOTS certified organic cotton is grown and knitted in Peru which produces some of the finest cotton in the world. It is important to us to keep our production radius small to lower emissions and to better support the community making our garments. Peruvian manufacturers and Peru’s government are making conscious efforts to be leaders in sustainable and ethical garment production. They value upholding responsible agriculture and manufacturing at home which is a substantial reason we chose to source and produce there.

Organic Cotton Jersey:
Cotton jersey is one of the best knit fabrics to come out of Peru. Smooth, soft and breathable, it’s an absolute wardrobe necessity that you can wear throughout the year. Cotton jersey is ideal for clothing that gets daily use, like our Joni Long Sleeve Tee, because it’s well-structured and has a great, medium weight for ultimate wearability. Check out the fabric collection here.

Organic Cotton French Terry:
French terry is a thicker knit fabric with loops on one side and soft piles of yarn on the other. This results in a soft, plush feel youll recognize from your comfiest sweatshirts and other kinds of loungewear. French terry is low maintenance which allows you to keep up with your busy life in easy, comfortable clothes, like our Alicia Jogger Pant. We love this fabric because it allows for higher quality, warmer knit garments than other similar fabrics. Our French Terry collection adds function and fashion to your wardrobe with flattering yet edgy cuts. Check out the fabric collection here.

Organic Pima Cotton Rib Knit:
Pima cotton is the highest quality cotton in the world and grows best in Peru as a result of its fertile climate. With its longer staple, Pima is incredibly soft and resistant to wear and pilling. We especially love the way Pima cotton makes up in our rib knit because it blends a silky-soft feel with an edgier, textured fabric to provide maximum comfort and wearability! Our Pima Rib Knit L&L Tank is a great example of that cool, effortless style. Check out the fabric collection here.

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