Slow Fashion And Our Founding Principles

Slow Fashion And Our Founding Principles

Slow Fashion is a Movement

We’re here to work hard for you and create change! At its inception, LOVETRUST was founded on the basic ideas that:

  • We need to combat fast fashion! As industry insiders, we have witnessed the rise of fast fashion and ultra fast fashion over the last 20+ years. We’ve seen how that toxic business model has eroded not only our industry but also our environment and human rights.
  • There needs to be more offered within the sustainable fashion market. We're hoping to make sustainable clothing more affordable with an effortless yet fresh & modern design approach. We think all people should have access to a better product with more style to express themselves with ease.
  • We have ourselves experienced the lack of stylish, cool clothing for women over 30 or who are mothers. Not only do we want to offer better pieces that are designed and manufactured ethically, we want to give something extra to that woman who still loves cool, chic style but who is going through a transitional period in her life. Our bodies and lifestyles may change but that doesn’t mean our style has to!

Slow fashion doesn’t equal lazy. It’s actually a revolutionary way to approach fashion in this current age. It uses an activist mindset and approaches fashion using a combination of old methods and new, thoughtful practices. It’s an ethics first, profits last model. And it takes a lot of work to move this slow fashion movement forward.

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