A Classic Fit for the Holidays

A Classic Fit for the Holidays

A Classic Fit for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and that means it's time to start thinking about what you're going to wear to all those holiday parties and get-togethers. If you're looking for something more elevated than your usual go-to outfit, we can help get you in a festive mood! In this special holiday blog post, we'll guide you through putting together the perfect holiday outfit, complete with all the joyful trimmings. Whether you're going for sophisticated style or something a little more fun, we've got you covered. So read on and get inspired!

Merry and Bright Colors

The colors you choose for your holiday outfit can say a lot about your personal style. Do you prefer a more traditional look, or are you drawn to contemporary colors? Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect colors for your office party, family dinner or New Year’s celebration ensemble:

  • If you want a classic look, stick with shades of red and white. These colors are associated with the holidays and will give you a festive look, while keeping it simple and chic. Go sophisticated with deep wines and soft creams or add a pop with bright red.
  • For a more modern twist on the traditional colors, try pairing them with metallics. This creates a rich look that is perfect for popping some bubbly this time of year. Bonus: metallics not only elevate a look, they act as neutrals and can be paired with most colors and styles.
  • If you want to make a statement with your outfit, go for unexpected bright colors like fuchsia. A burst of color will brighten your look and your mood to help you feel your best and show that you're not afraid to experiment with your style.
  • Whichever colors you choose, make sure they complement each other well. You don't want your outfit to look too busy or like you just threw something together last minute. Take the time to put together a cohesive look that shows your unique personal style.

The Details Matter

Any look is elevated by the perfect accessories. And this year our favorite must-have accessory is the mile high boot. Slouchy or fitted, heeled or flat — the further up the leg, the better! Make it holiday-ready with patent black shine or glam gold metallic. We love to pair them with extra short hems and leggings for some added warmth on cold nights. 

If your style is more subtle, maybe opt for an embellished clutch or add some charm on your wrist with layered bangles or pearl tennis bracelets. Jewelry is always a great way to add some sparkle and shine to your holiday style. 

Another aesthetic we love is high-low dressing. This means creating a complete look that combines luxe and casual pieces. Try pairing a lace or satin skirt with a cool, oversized sweatshirt. It’s all about mixing the fancy with the everyday, posh with sporty, glitzy with classic, voluminous ruffles with tailored menswear…you get the drift.

In addition to flawless accessories and chic style, fit is key to a great look. A well-fitting pair of pants or a curve hugging dress in a rich fabric will set the tone for your outfit and make you feel pulled together from the get-go. The importance of looking polished, confident, and authentically you cannot be understated — especially when dressing for the office party or dinner with the in-laws. And this means also being comfortable. The proper fit is the best way to ensure you look and feel great! And when in doubt use the “less is more” rule.


When it comes to finding the perfect holiday outfit, there are a couple things you'll want to take into consideration. First, what is the dress code? Is it formal or casual? If it's formal, you'll want to make sure you're wearing something that is appropriate for the occasion. A sophisticated dress or pencil skirt look is always appropriate for a more formal affair. If the dress code is casual, then you have a little more flexibility in what you can wear. Try pairing on trend wide leg pants with a classic button down or with an unexpected tunic on top.

And of course, you'll want to consider your own personal style when putting together any outfit. After all, this is a time when you can really dress up and have some fun! Build an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable - one that will let your personality shine through.

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