The Problem With Sizing

The Problem With Sizing

It's Not You...

No matter how hard you try to pin down your numerical size, you just can’t seem to find one number that fits across the board. You’re one size at one retailer, then two sizes smaller at another. Not only is this frustrating from a shopping standpoint, but it can take a toll on your mental health and self-confidence. Sound familiar? 

Studies have shown that clothing size is a factor women consider in regard to accepting their bodies, proving that self-worth and numerical sizing are unfortunately linked. Additionally, requiring a larger option than expected not only reduces self-esteem but also creates an overall negative attitude toward clothing. 

The problem is not, and never will be, your body. The fashion industry is notorious for glorifying thin, tall body types, but it’s also infamous for creating sizing systems that aren’t consistent. In fact, there isn’t a universal sizing standard that brands follow across the industry and there isn't a requirement for size standardization across apparel brands. All of this is to say that if a sizing system at a store doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s probably because it doesn’t. Nothing is wrong with your leg because a pair of jeans hugs your thighs but won’t button. Your arms aren’t too short and too wide at the same time. Unfortunately, we can say this to ourselves endlessly but that doesn’t fix the fact that we have to put clothing on our body, and when you’re constantly faced with a flawed system, it’s hard not to blame the person staring back at you in the mirror. Experiences like these aren’t just the cause of fleeting frustration, they can also change how you perceive yourself.

So What Can We Do?

At LOVETRUST we are constantly analyzing the fit of our garments and our size standards. We know first-hand how hard it can be to buy something we think will fit in the size we normally wear only to find it's too tight. And that's not to say that we have it down to a flawless science. But we are always working to get the best fit possible through testing, perfecting and testing again. This work starts in the design process and continues with the feedback we get from you. If something doesn't fit properly, we want to know. We want to understand how you feel in each style we create. If it's not working, we want to fix it!

We also think it's important as a community to talk about these things. To normalize all the different shapes and sizes our bodies come in. Not to strive to look one way or maintain specific measurements, but to love the complexity and diversity of our own individuality. Your size doesn't matter but how you feel about yourself does. You should choose the clothing that feels best on your body, and we want to be able to provide those quality, classic pieces to you.

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