Paper or (bio) Plastic?

Paper or (bio) Plastic?

Transparency Matters

As a responsible, slow-fashion brand, we have a lot of options to weigh. From the fiber content of our garments to the factories we choose to make them. Even the packaging we use to ship your orders in can be a complex choice.  Do we use recycled materials that can also be recycled or do we choose a more innovative bio-material that has been developed to break down over time? As with everything else in this nuanced space, the right answer is not always that straightforward. In's complicated.

As some of you may have already noticed, we are beginning to phase out of our compostable mailers from our current supplier, NoIssue. We have decided to replace them with 100% recycled and recyclable kraft paper mailers made by EcoEnclose — another great, sustainable packaging supplier that is highly regarded within the industry. Why have we decide to do this you may be asking?

As with many choices we have to make, there are pros and cons to both. We originally opted to use compostable mailers for several reasons including that no matter how you dispose of them, they would break down over time. And that's true, but as their popularity grows, more has come to light about bioplastics — otherwise known as compostable "poly", or plastic-like materials made from renewable sources such as corn. While they are compostable when disposed of correctly, they don't tend to break down as effectively when in a landfill and have been proven to release small amounts of methane into the air. Additionally, many municipal compost facilities discourage their use as they can clog the sorting and mixing machinery. We still believe that compostable bioplastics are a far better option than traditional plastic or polyurethane but until advances can be made to make them more eco-friendly and efficient, we have decided to switch to a more tried and true material. Recycled kraft paper not only uses sustainable production and contents but also can be recycled for a truly circular lifecycle. What's more is they are naturally biodegradable. All of this gives us peace of mind that our decision to switch to circular kraft paper mailers a responsible one. 

Look out for our new recycled kraft mailers with your next order and know we are making every effort to keep your purchases safe and protected in the most sustainable ways we can. As we learn, we grow and move toward a more responsible future. Thank you for coming along for the journey!

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