The Best Sustainable Living Resources

The Best Sustainable Living Resources

What is Sustainable Living?

First it’s important to define this term – Sustainable Living. Well, simply put, it’s practicing a lifestyle that attempts to reduce personal and societal use of the Earth’s natural resources. It’s all about making responsible and mindful decisions as a consumer that impact positive change for our planet and its people. So here are some of the best resources we've found to help you with your own sustainable living education.


Best Guide for Healthy Lifestyle & Ethical Beauty:

The New Knew

Formally This Organic Girl, The New Knew is a great resource for all things sustainable but especially when it comes to beauty and hair tips, tricks and products. Founded by Lisa Fennessy, this blog is a great resource for well-researched info about clean beauty, healthy living and going grey. It’s truly one of our favorites! Learn more about The New Knew here.


Best Guides for Sustainable and Ethical Fashion:

Sustainably Chic


There are honestly not that many truly responsible and thorough blogs or publications devoted purely to sustainable fashion, but we think we’ve found the best.

Top on the short list is Sustainably Chic, the ultimate online destination for all things sustainable and ethical fashion (and beauty!). The founder, Natalie Kay Costello, has an extensive background in fashion herself so she knows the change necessary to move fashion toward a more responsible future. Learn more about Sustainably Chic here.

Next, and one we’ve been reading for a long time now, is EcoCult. This blog takes a more scientific approach to researching and informing about the fashion industry. The articles take deep dives into topics like greenwashing, materials used in our clothing and ethical practices. Founded by Alden Wicker, EcoCult is a favorite among fashion insiders and responsible consumers alike. Learn more about EcoCult here.

Lastly, we want to give an honorable mention to one of our favorite Instagram accounts, @Secondhand.Sustainability. The founder, Brooke Bowlin, doesn’t currently have a blog devoted just to Secondhand Sustainability but she offers really helpful and nuanced information through this account and also in her newsletter, Nuance Required. Check out @Secondhand.Sustainability on Insta here.


Best Guide for Vegan Living:

World of Vegan

Why are we including a vegan blog on our list? Well, for one thing, fair treatment of animals is an important cause at LOVETRUST. Not to mention that the meat and dairy industries are huge contributors to climate change with livestock accounting for around 15% of the world’s greenhouse gases each year. But that’s a blog topic for another day. The fashion industry is also a big, and at times forgotten, culprit in the unfair treatment of animals. As a brand, we’ve made a pledge to never use fur or leather in our products because we want to be a part of the change, not the problem. This is why we want to share vegan resources. Veganism is not just about eating healthier. On an ethical level, it’s important to us to give you the resources to learn more so you can make your own choices, whether that’s to become vegan yourself or to just make more responsible choices as a consumer.

So with that, our favorite vegan living resource is World of Vegan. This blog has a ton of tips and articles about how to live a vegan lifestyle. From vegan recipes to vegan pregnancy guides to the best vegan shoes, you are sure to find whatever cruelty-free information you're looking for on World of Vegan. Learn more about World of Vegan here.


Best Guide for Zero Waste & Low Impact Living:

Sustainable Jungle

We couldn’t create a sustainable living resource guide without including a great zero waste blog. For us, it’s Sustainable Jungle. Here you’ll find tips, brands and stories relating to creating less waste and low impact living. Recycle, upcycle, repurpose and actually save money with the tips and tricks you can find on this blog. Plus they have great guides for sustainable home, travel and tech products. Learn more about Sustainable Jungle here.

Update: In addition to loving Sustainable Jungle as conscious consumers ourselves, we are proud to have recently been featured on their blog! Read more about LOVETRUST and why we are featured as one of 11 Slow Fashion Brands Fighting Back Against Fast Fashion on Sustainable Jungle.

Finally, it's important to us to share what we’ve learned on our own responsible living journey with you, our community. Our fashion industry experience and insight has led us here and the more everyone learns and educates themselves, the better off we’ll all be! We’d love to hear from you about other resources you love, so drop us a line and we can all work together to create change, one step at a time.


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